ImageNot sure where this photo was taken but it looks exactly like North Park and the conditions in which I was running. I had a real brain fart this morning; I had looked at the weather and decided that because the temperature during the day was get colder, I would prefer to run in the ‘warm’ and rain. And then go to the CrossFit Mt Lebanon box for today’s WOD. However, I got it totally wrong. It was cold this morning and the wind chill made it even worse. I reckon by the time I had finished, to me it felt like it was ready to snow. And then to add insult to injury, the sun came out this afternoon and warmed up the temperature considerably.

I actually got to the park to start running around 6:30am. I was half way around the lake when I realised that the park wasn’t actually open (it was pretty dark). The park is open sunrise to midnight. The sun definitely hadn’t come up. And then I realised how stupid it was to be running in such uninhabited areas, in the dark, alone. Oops. Did inspire me to run a little faster, just in case.

China is strongly advising the US government to get its house(s) in order and raise the debt ceiling. If the US defaults, China, who has a huge bunch of Treasury Bonds, is likely to suffer economically if the interest isn’t paid.

Hope your Monday was a good one and Tuesday will be even better.   Oh and the Pirates lost. Back to St Louis.      Joanna