ImageImagePut-In-Bay was virtually empty when we visited yesterday. Admittedly it was pouring with rain, but I rather think it was more to do with the fact that we are into October than anything else. We spent the night anchored off the north side of Kelleys Island and then cruised to top up the diesel tanks and then back to the marina. The weather was warmish, windy, cloudy but dry and the lake was flat. Well, at least there was no power boat chop. Oh it was like cruising in heaven – or so I imagine. I would gladly swap today’s weather for any hot day in summer if it meant that there were no jerks carving around our bows doing 20+knts.

Haven’t checked the news. Internet on the lake is very poor; I’ll leave that treat until tomorrow. I assume the government is still shut down. What a joke. As I tweeted earlier, any other dispute like this, the parties would be obliged to go to binding arbitration. I will arbitrate; no worries. Bring back term limits. Politics should not be a career.

A shout out to my brother, Richard, tonight. He is going for a CrossFit tryout tomorrow – in his wheelchair. Go Richard.

The Pirates won this evening so they now lead the Cardinals 2-1. Next game is in Pittsburgh tomorrow evening.

New week tomorrow. Hope it is a good one.        Joanna