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Written Friday, 16 September from home.


Watching for the next wave

That’s correct; the season is almost finished. Our vacation is over, we are home, came home yesterday, and the boat will be hauled out in less than two weeks.. The weather forecast which had seemed OK at the beginning of our final two weeks, crapped out on us again with winds blowing well into the high 20 kt. Still we had fun. And so did the dogs.

After our first day playing in AbFab, we continued the practice Wednesday-Sunday. We didn’t use San Graal to go anywhere as the forecast couldn’t string together two days in a row where the wind would be favorable for anchoring or passage-making; but the beginning of the second week looked promising.


This is where they ran. Was covered with water at the beginning of the season

We explored harbors and beaches we hadn’t got to/couldn’t get to with the big boat. There is something to be said for stepping off the boat into knee deep water and walking the anchor in to set it. We took picnic lunches and treats for the dogs. We met other dogs and their owners and the dogs had wonderful puppy play dates. And they got to run. And run. And run. Probably ruined them as hunting dogs now because they spent most of their time flushing and chasing after seagulls and sandpipers.

We tied the RIB to the dock across from the big boat and every time the dogs would come back from shore to San Graal, Ebba would invariably jump into AbFab and look at us expectantly, like, “Come on, let’s go play.” And she just loved the speed and trying to eat the bow waves.

On one occasion, we came back from a burn around the bay and obviously both dogs were desperate to potty because as we came close to the dock, even before we had had time to wrap a rope around a cleat, both dogs jump off on to the dock and side-by-side, they trotted down towards shore, pee’d, and together, trotted back to the boat. And neither Paul nor I had to call them once. It was very funny and rather cute to watch.


Long tether

As I mentioned, Ebba loves to lean over the side and try to eat the waves. Or at least she barks very loudly at them. I, obviously, have to keep a very tight leash on her otherwise she would be over the side and in the water in her excitement. Initially, I let her have enough slack so that she was able to put her head almost in the water. But then I got to thinking that that was probably not such a good idea. If she fell overboard whilst we were doing 20+kt, the drag would probably rip off her head. So I shortened her leash, much to her annoyance, and reasoned that if she did slip over then at least it would only be her back legs that got dragged.


Shorter tether

And as if to vilify my reasoning and actions, Paul shared an article published in a boating magazine, Practical Boat Owner, that had done a study on tethers – long vs short – and concluded that although the short tether is more bothersome in that it has to be continually clipped, unclipped and reclipped, it was more likely to prevent you from drowning and/or being bashed against the hull of the boat.

This week, our last week of vacation, we managed to get across to Canada and visited Colchester Harbor – a new port for us. Very tiny, lovely people, dog friendly, a rather weedy beach (but that was probably because they had had strong onshore winds) and town is closed on Mondays – when we were there. The plan was to spend the night there and then mosey on eastwards to Leamington, spend the night there and then come back across to Sandusky. But the wind decided to switch direction and strength earlier than predicted so we left Colchester in an increasing SW wind – bad direction for Colchester’s harbor. Narrow entrance + big waves made for some nerve-wracking moments. We ended up at Middle Bass Island State Park Marina.

On my soap box: all Canadian marinas monitor, I think, CH 16 and 68. US marinas have no consistency in channels monitored. So calling MBISPM on CH 9, then 16, and 68 was met with utter silence. I ended up calling on the phone to make sure there was room for us. When I registered, I asked if they had heard my calling – I always wonder if the radio has malfunctioned – and they said, “No”. Hmm … “don’t you monitor CH 16?” “No, only CH 71.” I thought it was unwritten boating law that everyone listening to marine radio would listen to/dual watch with CH 16, the international distress calling channel because you never know, you might just be the one to pick up the Mayday distress call and need to pass it on to the Coast Guard.  Off my soap box.

I have always had mixed feelings about MBI marina, mainly because of the amount of goose poop that was always lying on the ground. I knew it wouldn’t be a good match for the dogs because if there is one delicacy that my dogs love, it is goose poop. Fresh or old, doesn’t make a difference. However, I was pleasantly surprised this time; there was very little around. Made walking the dogs so much more fun without having to constantly tell them to, “Leave it”. And because the place was virtually empty, they were very lenient about me not putting the dogs on their leashes. I know the staff must have seen the dogs running but they didn’t cause any trouble, the dogs or the staff. And we found a new path through the trees to explore with squirrels and chipmunks and a few geese and lots of ducks. Dog heaven.

One thing that did come out of this forced in-harbor stay was that I managed to get both dogs to run with me while on their leashes. Ebba was already a master at it but Bella was rather a loose cannon when squirrels were darting about. Ebba did a good job of setting the example and Bella is a fast learner and a good mimicker.


Hard to take a selfie when bouncing along at 20kt

So here we are, at the end of another season, one that was rather shorter than usual due to one thing or another, David and Bekah had a baby and we had to of and visit, we opened our own gym, Anna and Brad got married, Anna qualified for the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games … But it was a good one particularly with respect to the learning curve for both us, Paul and me, and the dogs. Last year, we had Ebba, one dog on board; we really were quite apprehensive at the start of this season as to how the dogs would cope together in such a confined space. And we had similar issues. Ultimately though, all’s well that ends well except we never got them to pee or poop on the boat. But most importantly, the dogs like boating and, we like Boating with Dogs!


Image After yesterday’s miserable weather, we woke to blue skies, fluffy white clouds and 20+mph of wind (which increased throughout the morning and early afternoon). The clouds also disappeared and left us with blue skies from horizon to horizon.

After a lazy morning (oops not sure if I should admit that; just couldn’t raise the energy to go to the box in Sandusky), we took the boat out on to Lake Erie for her shake down cruise. Everything worked OK, thank goodness. Given the strength of the wind, we had thought we would be the only boat out there, but nope, we were wrong. Albeit, there weren’t too many, but some brave fishermen were bobbing up and down at anchor. We got just past the LaFarge dock to the west of Marblehead and then decided to turn back.

On the way in, we heard over the radio a “securité securité’ from the Coastguard. Apparently a navigation mark was drifting to the north of Huron and asking mariners to keep a look out. Nowhere near us so we were OK. As it turns out, the call could be seen as a little bit of foreshadowing. We passed this Coastguard vessel on the way in towards the coal dock. He had two of the channel marks on board; I guess giving them the once over to make sure they were in good condition after surviving such a brutal winter. The marks must have been OK because next thing, the buoys were gone back in the water and he was onto the next one.

Congrats to everyone who took part in competitions today, running, Crossfit, etc. And good luck to everyone tomorrow, particularly in the Toledo Marathon.

Happy Sunday.


Never doubt yourself

Image It will get better.

Also, Question: I have to replace my sunglasses, the ones I have had for over 14  years and which were perfect for running. I lost them when I fell overboard when in Muscat. They were Addidas with adjustable nose piece and arms, so could be ‘shaped’ to fit individual heads and never slipped when I got all hot and sweaty. I am tempted to get the same again, but I thought I would ask for your favorites. If you would like to share. Thanks.


Never doubt yourself

Image Delivered Anna back to Pittsburgh Airport a couple of hours ago. Such a short visit but it was wonderful. Enjoyed and treasure every second of it. Went to North Park this morning to run around the lake. What a beautiful day. It was so busy at the park. I think, maybe because it was a decent morning and it is the last long run weekend before the Pittsburgh marathon.

Remember that Carnival cruise ship that had to be towed to Mobile AL because all systems failed after a fire in the engine room? Well, the question has been raised as to whether Carnival should reimburse the Coastguard for the rescue. The company says it isn’t going to pay a dime because the law states something to the effect that all mariners must come to the aid of distressed mariners. So my question is (being totally ignorant of the law), I thought that if a vessel was rescued/towed, doesn’t the rescuer have salvage rights? If this is the case, wouldn’t the Coastguard have salvage rights on the cruise ship? Though with all the problems it has had, it might be more trouble that it is worth to the Coastguard.

Don’t forget it’s tax day tomorrow. Despite that, Happy Monday. Warming up again.

Am watching Despicable Me. So funny. Can’t wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out in the summer.     Joanna

I should be doing the ironing.

ImageI went running out at North Park today. Seems like an eternity since I was last there. And definitely about 12 months since I ran outside in such cold weather. It has been such a long time that I was unsure as to how many layers to wear so I didn’t overheat/stay cold. It took a good 3 miles and a hill or 3 for me to get into my stride. Treadmill running (though sometimes a necessary evil) is really a poor substitute for running outdoors. Ran 10 miles; met my running partner, Nancy, for 5 of them, and the other 5, I just enjoyed the day. But to get back to the iron. Hasbro has just announced that it is withdrawing the ‘iron’ from its game of Monopoly and replacing it with a ‘cat’. No more will we hear renditions of “Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron” as the ‘iron’ crushes the ‘dog’ or ‘racing car’ with a super-mega property deal or a rent-payable charge. And I knew there was something else I had to mention. The US Postal Service, which is majorly in debt has announced that it is no longer going to deliver mail on Saturdays. Well, not letters anyway; it will still deliver parcels. I say good on them. My understanding is that the government has them so tied up with red tape this is about their only option. Hope it helps. Be safe; stay warm; if you didn’t do something nice today, make a point to do it tomorrow.  Joanna