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I was going to write something a couple of weeks ago about our night out at Put-In-Bay but life got in the way and so did the CrossFit Games Regionals in Atlanta GA.

unnamed-1P-I-B was fairly empty from a boat point of view; plenty of people on shore. We made use of the water taxi to take us ashore so that the dogs could go pee etc; what a bind though. They are going to have to learn soon.

We did also launch the dinghy to try out the new electric motor which worked fine, actually really well, once we figured out how we had screwed up the ‘start’, ’tiller operation’ and ‘forward and backward’. Thank goodness we had the paper version of the handbook onboard. Paul started to download it from the internet (cell time) and of course, because the motor is from Germany, the first half of the book is in German. There was no option on which to click for just an English version. Anyway, I took it into the boat after Paul declared that he was going to ‘rip the Germans a new one’. Not sure what.

unnamed-2I think I have mentioned before that the dogs quite like going in the dinghy. Well, Ebba took it to a new level this time. The doggy ramp to the swim platform was left out for a future trip to shore and the dinghy was left on a long painter. This did not deter our intrepid sailor dog; she waited for the dinghy to swing close enough to the swim platform, jumped in to the dinghy and was happy as a ‘pig in sh.t’ drifting 12ft behind us. She would bark at the geese, jump about trying to catch flies and then just chill, lying across the tube.


This the look Paul gets when he is procrastinating about taking the dogs out for a joy ride in the dinghy. And a head resting on one’s leg accompanied by little whines and big sighs.

IMG_5352But then it all changes. Happy dogs.

This was a very short trip. We had to get home to help keep the gym open as Anna and Brad had to leave for Atlanta GA.

I left on Thursday evening, met up with several of our group at Pittsburgh airport because we had coordinated our flight times. Got a text from one young lady saying she was at security and would join us shortly (we thought 10 mins max). Thirty minutes later, she comes storming down the hallway. “They thought my Miralax was explosives and I ended up being patted down everywhere. My Miralax, which was a powder anyway, was put through the screener 3 times along with my shoes.” She was pretty pissed. We all had a good laugh. Turns out that the guy in our small group also got searched extensively.

Eventually arrived at the hotel, starving, so went on a food hunt. The first place we tried, we didn’t have the required reservation so were turned away. The pizza place next door smelled so good, but they stopped serving at 9:00pm and it was now 9:20pm. Were recommended to Hudson Grille, further up the street. No reservation needed. We ordered and ate. Talk about hangry!

While we were waiting for our food and while eating our food, there was a steady stream of wait staff coming from inside the restaurant to out in the courtyard, where we were sitting, carrying trays of shots. They visited one particular table where 3 guys were sat. Not sure if it was a game, a bet or they were just drowning their sorrows but without a doubt, they were all going to be feeling pretty rough the following morning.

The weekend for me was quite stressful and exciting and I finally came to the conclusion that I can’t win on the stress level – if I go to the events, I stress it; if I don’t go to the events, I still stress it. Same level of stress, so what to do, what to do.

18882069_10211548933333172_7105308475668389835_nThere were laughs and tears and ooohhhs! and aaahhhss! and us standing in the stands kipping to help Anna into her muscle ups or through her ring dips. We tensed our shoulders during the overhead walking lunges and cleaned the 100# sandbag 10 times.

And then there was the coffee run. Hmmm!

Anna had texted me, asking if I could get her and Brad a tea each. Absolutely, no problem. It was lunchtime, we had plenty of time to get back for the first round of heats after lunch. Dana came with me and we took orders from some others in our group. Eight cups in total.

The weather was just perfect on our way to Starbucks, no indication of what was approaching. Kinda snuck up on us while we were getting our order. As we rounded the corner from the coffee shop to the outside door (we had probably about 150yds to go outside and the rest of the way, we could make it inside), we realized that all was not well. The rain was coming down so hard, visibility had been reduced considerably. The rain was bouncing 6+ inches off the ground and lightening and thunder were flashing and banging around just to add to the excitement.

18922052_10211557598989808_6014878220324453126_nAt first, we thought we might get away with rolling up the freeby tote bags we had just acquired and making hats out of them. So we took off our shoes and socks, stuffed them into our other bags and bravely went out the door. Ha! Funny. Not. Decided that that was a really bad idea.

We tried to sweet talk our way through some hall of fame but the security guys weren’t biting. The only way was to go back out the door through which we originally arrived and brave the elements. We had almost decided to wait out the storm when Dana made a comment about the umbrella bags – shame we can’t use these somehow. The umbrella bags were way too small but it got me thinking. I have spent many a pre-start to a marathon wrapped up in a garbage bag so we went on a garbage bag hunt. And Subway delivered. The girls behind the counter did look at me as if I was rather peculiar but we got our bags, diligently made the required holes for head and arms, removed our shoes and socks again and ventured out into the monsoon.

We were greeted by a flood of at least 6 inches deep and a good 20 feet across and then it was run as fast as we could while carrying 4 cups of Starbucks coffee and tea in papermaché cardboard cup carriers. As soon as the first drop of rain fell on the cup carrier I could feel it give. The water just spread as through a sponge. And then it completely disintegrated. The garbage bags did their job though and we were not too wet. However, because it had taken so long to get back, Brad couldn’t come and get their tea. Oh well, we tried.

18951146_10211557834795703_438707423650375555_nI got to visit with some of Anna’s sponsors, FitAid, LuRong Living, Ice Age Meals, Inov-8.

18838872_10154015382392824_72548649684870031_nAfter a nail biting last event, Anna finished 5th which was good enough to qualify her to go to the Games again for the 5th time. This is the small group of Anna’s Army left after the awards; everyone else had left for the airport. Anna and Brad flew back Sunday night. Well, they were supposed to but their flight was delayed so much that they eventually arrived home at 2:30am. Despite the lack of sleep, Brad was at the gym to coach the 5:30am class.

And then the dogs’ Bark Box arrived.

Thanks for reading. It turned out a bit long this time.


Boating with Dogs

Written Wednesday 7 September 2016


At anchor off Kelleys Island’s State Park campground

Today was the first day of the second part of our ‘holiday’ for this year. We had to take a break from cruising because we had a wedding to attend. And it was a beautiful wedding too. Congratulations to Anna and Brad.

But I digress. Really, yesterday was the first day – very simple, all we had to do was pack the truck with everything except the kitchen sink this time, and head north. That kinda changed though as I had a brilliant idea on my return from my super early workout at T²CrossFit, and as I parked my car in the garage next to AbFab and accumulated junk, “Why don’t we take the RIB with us given that the weather forecast was deteriorating for extended cruising?” “Brilliant”, says Paul and then all hell breaks loose.

You see, it’s just not that simple. It should be but it isn’t – hooking up the trailer and pulling it and the boat out of the garage wasn’t going to happen. Recall I mentioned accumulated junk? Hmmm. There is a lot of it and it is all around and in front of the trailer, along with other stuff that isn’t junk but still needed to be moved.

I still had my packing plan for food etc and had to get that done before I could give a hand with AbFab so Paul had to manage on his own. The dogs tried but even they eventually gave up and came in. Their tender, young ears couldn’t take any more of it.


Queen of her castle (rock) Puppy Ebba

The boat has been in the garage for a while without being used so needless to say, when Paul tried to lift the engine off the ground in order to move the boat out of the garage, the engine didn’t move. No power in the battery. Plug the battery into the charger; one hour later, no power. This brilliant idea was not necessarily as shiny an idea as it was initially. Fortunately the local Auto Zone had a replacement that fitted perfectly and had charge in it. Zip, up comes the engine, out goes the boat on the trailer…. and then the roofer calls to see if he can come around to look at the roof. The dogs, in the meantime, collapse in an exasperated heap in the house.

There is plenty more but I will spare you the details – they don’t add much more to the picture that I hope I have already painted. Except, the reason I didn’t pack the kitchen sink this time was because my plan was to go shopping when we got to Sandusky; Paul would entertain the dogs while I shopped.


Zoom, zoom around Sandusky Bay

Upon arrival in Sandusky, our first call was the launch ramp. After reversing the trailer into the water with Paul on board, my next job was to unhook the boat and push it on its way with Paul at the helm. This was going fine when I heard a little doggy squeak right next to my ear. Looked up and there was Ebba on the back cover of the truck. She had climbed out the cab’s little rear window. It was a bit of a squeeze for her but in her frantic excitement of not being left behind, she completely ignored the seat headrest digging into her chest and belly as she wormed her way out. The only way down was for her to squeeze back through; there was no way I was going to lift her down. Both dogs finally were safely aboard with Paul and they set off to meet me at the dock. Oh they were soooooo happy. All three of them.


Fun times running, playing chase

This was really when I had planned on going to the grocery store but fortunately I didn’t because we had a great afternoon. I left everything in the truck. Paul yelled to grab bathing suits for him and me and climb aboard. My bathing suit (aka sports bra and shorts) was in the truck! So was Paul’s but who cared. The dogs wanted to go swimming and Paul wanted to blast around the Bay. So we did, all of it.


Not so much room on AbFab as on San Graal

The dogs swam and swam then ran and ran and chased and chased the birds.

We were all so tired when we eventually got back to the dock to say Hi to San Graal. Which we did by giving her a bath. I would hate to see her if we left her for 3 weeks instead of 2. The spiders, webs, dead flies and insect poop were all just disgusting.

That done, the truck unloaded, the onboard fridges packed with the food that I did bring, there was now no way I was going to the grocery store. I’d go tomorrow.

Ha! That didn’t happen either.


Being responsible : Paul carrying full poop bag back to the boat.

After a walk/run, breakfast and lazy half a morning, the plan was to pack a picnic lunch with tea in our hot mugs, zoom to the north side of Kelleys Island and anchor off the beach and swim, walk, whatever. Which we did. On the way across, at first Ebba and Bella were really excited, barking at and trying to swat the waves. Eventually though, Bella decided that bouncing off one wave to the next was not such a good idea and lay down. Ebba kept swatting though even she succumbed eventually and lay down. I think Ebba, at least, also felt a little queasy but fortunately she wasn’t sick. The beach and swim made up for it.


Making sure the anchor is set, “Yes, my foot is on it.”

We had our picnic, then rather than heading straight back to the marina, we decided to visit Put-In-Bay. The thought processes behind this were very practical actually. Between Kelleys Island and South Bass Island, the waves would be less because we were in the lee of South Bass Island. And after leaving Put-In-Bay, there is a little dog-leg to the south west around the south west end of the island and then ‘surf the waves all the way home’.

By this time, the temperature on shore ‘felt like 101F’. Why would we go back to the marina and swelter there? So we didn’t. We anchored off the east side of Sandy Point, where we had been yesterday, and let the dogs go again. Today, there was no-one else on the beach so we just let the dogs run and swim, just whatever they wanted to do. Now, needless to say, they are tired.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Supposed to be as hot and windier. Guess we’ll just have to go boating with our dogs!

Image The day began with a boat safety inspection, which we passed, and we got our sticker which should keep the Coastguard happy.

Last weekend, with all the wind and the fact that we had stretched the dinghy cover over the new engine bracket, all the stitching failed on the cover and, for want of a better phrase, the dinghy’s butt was hanging out. So today’s major project was to reshape, add in a piece of cloth and restitch the whole cover. Successfully checked that job off the ‘to do’ list.

Image The water is so clear at the moment. A rare sight on Lake Erie.

Such a beautiful day. Cruised across to Put In Bay and picked up a mooring ball. Went ashore for a walk to try out my foot – see if it is ready for running yet. (Probably not quite.) Anyway, I digress. As we were walking towards Perry’s Monument, we heard and then saw a boat coming in towards the monument from the east. Haven’t ever explored that area of the island so am not sure of how shallow/deep it is, whether or not there are underwater obstruction or any other hazards. Obviously we stopped and watched and waited. At first it seemed as though they were going to tie up alongside one of the private docks there because there was someone standing ready on the bow with a rope and a fender. And they were coming pretty fast. However, they closed right up to the shore and then seemed to realize (we speculated correctly) that you can’t actually get to P-I-B from the east side of the island; you have to go around one of the ends and then down the west side.

ImageSo they 180’d and went south down towards the Miller Ferry landing end of the island. We continued our walk back to our own boat. On the ferry out to the boat we mentioned to the boat captain what we had just seen. He chuckled and then pointed to a boat aground on the reef between Gibraltar Island and the main island. It was the same one. This conclusively proved that the person helming that boat did not have charts of any sort onboard and/or wouldn’t know how to read them if he did. It is really scary that there are people out there in charge of 10+ tons and they don’t know where they are going. OMG.


Image Back onboard, both Paul and I dangled our bad feet in the 50F water for 15 minutes and then chilled on the back deck. (No pun intended. Yes it was!) And we had a practice man-overboard practice. See the white cooler, we did our civic duty and rescued it as it floated past Kelleys Island.

We were the first boaters of the year on the mooring balls but we didn’t get a discount. Oh well.

Have a great Sunday. Happy Mothers’ Day to every Mother, soon-to-be mother, Daddy Mother, and Auntie Mother. Everyone is priceless.  And if you are running in the Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh tomorrow, have fun.


Never doubt yourself


After a very quiet night at anchor and a lazy morning as the temperature slowly clawed its way up towards the 50 degree mark, we up’d anchor and cruised around South Bass Island, poked our noses in to Put-In-Bay, which was a lot more crowded than a couple of weeks ago, and made our way into Middle Bass State Park marina (pictured above). The forecast had called for strongish north/northeasterly winds. As it turned out, it backed to the NW and made for a very pleasant day. There was abundant sunshine which helped to take the edge off the cold wind. Managed shorts and no gloves for our bike ride around the island. SUP’d a little out on the lake and then collapsed on the boat, thoroughly exhausted. Just now watching the sun go down again. Another day of freedom for which to be grateful.

Last time we were in this marina, the office was a trailer and so were the showers and toilets. The ‘now’ office, was a concrete slab. It is really quite nice. And there is WiFi that works. Yes. They might do something about the goose poop on the paths though. In some places it is thicker that dog poop, though thankfully not as smelly.

Thousand of runners, who didn’t get to finish the Boston Marathon this year, gathered in Boston this morning to run the final mile. Apparently the Boston Marathon organisers mailed out the medals but many runners felt that they couldn’t wear it until they had actually run that last mile. So today, they did. And now they can proudly wear their medals.

Gnomes have finally managed to gate crash the Chelsea Flower Show. I can remember as a child being told that under no circumstances will gnomes ever be allowed to make their presence felt. However, it seems that if celebrities decorate them for a fundraising opportunity, then the little ‘beasties’ are allowed in. Whatever next? Ducks flying up the wall?

OK, I had something else on which I wanted to comment, but it has gone. And I don’t know where. So I won’t. Time for another cuppa and as the wind has come back, another line to hold us off the dock. Share quality time with those you love.    Joanna

ImageIt has been just a fun day having David visit us on the boat. The day began with this amazing dawn. I love the dawn. Yes, sunsets are usually very beautiful too, but they are always at the end of the day. Dawn is a new beginning. A chance to start again. And because dawn happens so early, not so many people get to share it which makes it even more special.


A quiver of SUP boards.

We cruised around to the monument at Put-In-Bay and dropped the anchor again. By now it was blowing 23-25kts but that didn’t stop my intrepid duo from launching the SUP boards. This was after David learned to wash down the foredeck and anchor. ImageOff they went to discover new lands. Actually they went to find the lee shore to get out of the wind. ImagePaul was explaining to David about how to get back off the board and on to the swim platform, “Just go along side and step off”. But he missed. The water was 49F. He didn’t stay in long.

Had a rough ride back to Sandusky Bay with the waves and wind on the port bow and blowing up to 30kts in the gusts. David ended the day with a sunset paddle and I was going to post a pic of it but it is stuck in the ethernet somewhere.

Good luck to all runners taking part in the Pittsburgh marathon races tomorrow. And thank you to all the volunteers for sharing their Sunday with the runners.  Happy feet.   Joanna