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I was going to write something a couple of weeks ago about our night out at Put-In-Bay but life got in the way and so did the CrossFit Games Regionals in Atlanta GA.

unnamed-1P-I-B was fairly empty from a boat point of view; plenty of people on shore. We made use of the water taxi to take us ashore so that the dogs could go pee etc; what a bind though. They are going to have to learn soon.

We did also launch the dinghy to try out the new electric motor which worked fine, actually really well, once we figured out how we had screwed up the ‘start’, ’tiller operation’ and ‘forward and backward’. Thank goodness we had the paper version of the handbook onboard. Paul started to download it from the internet (cell time) and of course, because the motor is from Germany, the first half of the book is in German. There was no option on which to click for just an English version. Anyway, I took it into the boat after Paul declared that he was going to ‘rip the Germans a new one’. Not sure what.

unnamed-2I think I have mentioned before that the dogs quite like going in the dinghy. Well, Ebba took it to a new level this time. The doggy ramp to the swim platform was left out for a future trip to shore and the dinghy was left on a long painter. This did not deter our intrepid sailor dog; she waited for the dinghy to swing close enough to the swim platform, jumped in to the dinghy and was happy as a ‘pig in sh.t’ drifting 12ft behind us. She would bark at the geese, jump about trying to catch flies and then just chill, lying across the tube.


This the look Paul gets when he is procrastinating about taking the dogs out for a joy ride in the dinghy. And a head resting on one’s leg accompanied by little whines and big sighs.

IMG_5352But then it all changes. Happy dogs.

This was a very short trip. We had to get home to help keep the gym open as Anna and Brad had to leave for Atlanta GA.

I left on Thursday evening, met up with several of our group at Pittsburgh airport because we had coordinated our flight times. Got a text from one young lady saying she was at security and would join us shortly (we thought 10 mins max). Thirty minutes later, she comes storming down the hallway. “They thought my Miralax was explosives and I ended up being patted down everywhere. My Miralax, which was a powder anyway, was put through the screener 3 times along with my shoes.” She was pretty pissed. We all had a good laugh. Turns out that the guy in our small group also got searched extensively.

Eventually arrived at the hotel, starving, so went on a food hunt. The first place we tried, we didn’t have the required reservation so were turned away. The pizza place next door smelled so good, but they stopped serving at 9:00pm and it was now 9:20pm. Were recommended to Hudson Grille, further up the street. No reservation needed. We ordered and ate. Talk about hangry!

While we were waiting for our food and while eating our food, there was a steady stream of wait staff coming from inside the restaurant to out in the courtyard, where we were sitting, carrying trays of shots. They visited one particular table where 3 guys were sat. Not sure if it was a game, a bet or they were just drowning their sorrows but without a doubt, they were all going to be feeling pretty rough the following morning.

The weekend for me was quite stressful and exciting and I finally came to the conclusion that I can’t win on the stress level – if I go to the events, I stress it; if I don’t go to the events, I still stress it. Same level of stress, so what to do, what to do.

18882069_10211548933333172_7105308475668389835_nThere were laughs and tears and ooohhhs! and aaahhhss! and us standing in the stands kipping to help Anna into her muscle ups or through her ring dips. We tensed our shoulders during the overhead walking lunges and cleaned the 100# sandbag 10 times.

And then there was the coffee run. Hmmm!

Anna had texted me, asking if I could get her and Brad a tea each. Absolutely, no problem. It was lunchtime, we had plenty of time to get back for the first round of heats after lunch. Dana came with me and we took orders from some others in our group. Eight cups in total.

The weather was just perfect on our way to Starbucks, no indication of what was approaching. Kinda snuck up on us while we were getting our order. As we rounded the corner from the coffee shop to the outside door (we had probably about 150yds to go outside and the rest of the way, we could make it inside), we realized that all was not well. The rain was coming down so hard, visibility had been reduced considerably. The rain was bouncing 6+ inches off the ground and lightening and thunder were flashing and banging around just to add to the excitement.

18922052_10211557598989808_6014878220324453126_nAt first, we thought we might get away with rolling up the freeby tote bags we had just acquired and making hats out of them. So we took off our shoes and socks, stuffed them into our other bags and bravely went out the door. Ha! Funny. Not. Decided that that was a really bad idea.

We tried to sweet talk our way through some hall of fame but the security guys weren’t biting. The only way was to go back out the door through which we originally arrived and brave the elements. We had almost decided to wait out the storm when Dana made a comment about the umbrella bags – shame we can’t use these somehow. The umbrella bags were way too small but it got me thinking. I have spent many a pre-start to a marathon wrapped up in a garbage bag so we went on a garbage bag hunt. And Subway delivered. The girls behind the counter did look at me as if I was rather peculiar but we got our bags, diligently made the required holes for head and arms, removed our shoes and socks again and ventured out into the monsoon.

We were greeted by a flood of at least 6 inches deep and a good 20 feet across and then it was run as fast as we could while carrying 4 cups of Starbucks coffee and tea in papermaché cardboard cup carriers. As soon as the first drop of rain fell on the cup carrier I could feel it give. The water just spread as through a sponge. And then it completely disintegrated. The garbage bags did their job though and we were not too wet. However, because it had taken so long to get back, Brad couldn’t come and get their tea. Oh well, we tried.

18951146_10211557834795703_438707423650375555_nI got to visit with some of Anna’s sponsors, FitAid, LuRong Living, Ice Age Meals, Inov-8.

18838872_10154015382392824_72548649684870031_nAfter a nail biting last event, Anna finished 5th which was good enough to qualify her to go to the Games again for the 5th time. This is the small group of Anna’s Army left after the awards; everyone else had left for the airport. Anna and Brad flew back Sunday night. Well, they were supposed to but their flight was delayed so much that they eventually arrived home at 2:30am. Despite the lack of sleep, Brad was at the gym to coach the 5:30am class.

And then the dogs’ Bark Box arrived.

Thanks for reading. It turned out a bit long this time.


Boating with Dogs


Image Made our way to Fairfax VA today via Anvill and Hershey PA. Dropped Paul at his site and then I made my way into Hershey to pick up the trail and go for a bike ride. Thing was, I couldn’t find the trail. So I biked for an hour and made it back to the car. Decided to see if there was a Starbucks anywhere close and there was and the the GPS said go right then left then right and right. Went right and left but then there was no next right. Hmmm. Rode the road again but still no right. Didn’t want to go on the narrow busy road but I really wanted a coffee. I could see where I wanted to be out the back of some houses so I went up what looked like a dead end old road though it may have been someone’s driveway, climbed a ‘hill’, road through a parking lot of a medical centre and found the outlet mall where the coffee shop was located. Phew. I think that when they built the medical centre and shopping centre, the powers that be took out the roads and forgot to tell Apple.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Revived, I made my way back to the car by the same route, went to collect Paul and then we hit the DC traffic. By the time we arrived at the hotel, Paul’s knuckles were white. I was very quiet.

And now I am nervous and excited. We are here to watch Anna in the Regionals competition (semi finals) for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. Different region this year; different competition. But she is ready. Ready to: do her best, give it her all and leave it all on the floor. Wishing her the best of luck. She is my other Awesome.



Paul is awesome too. That goes without saying though I just did.

If you can’t make it to Fairfax VA but would like to watch online some of the competition, here is the link to the schedule and from there you will be able to find the coverage:

Safe travels to those who are coming down tomorrow.


Never doubt yourself


but fortunately not while we were running outside. Image Anna and Emily after 14.5 (1st WOD this morning).

Image Anna and Emily after Gold Medal WOD (2nd WOD this morning). I wish I had their powers of recovery.

On the way to the box this morning, traffic was slowing to a standstill on Rt 28 (one lane was closed off). We had almost come to a stop when BUMP, the car behind us made contact. Paul has had his car for 3 1/2 days. I didn’t get out but Paul checked and said that the car behind hit the tow hitch. Didn’t damage our car. Not sure what it did to the other one.

It has rained for most of the afternoon. I suddenly realized, it seems like ages since we had precipitation that wasn’t white and frozen. Made for quite a nice change. However, it will potentially change over to snow during the night and our drive up to the boat tomorrow could be rather messy.

The west coast of the US is having a really hard time at the moment. There was that horrible mud slide early this week and now in CA they have had an earthquake with numerous aftershocks. Hopefully that will be the end of it for a while.

The plane wreckage still hasn’t been located.

And finally, I was looking on the CFMTL web page today and noticed that one of the headers was “Fitness in 100 words”. Well, I decided to write my own definition for ‘CrossFitness’. (I apologize if my blogs are boring to non-crossfitters.)

CROSSFITNESS in less than 100 words

Cross training for everyday life
Register for a class or two
Or try a Community WOD
Stick to the plan
Strength will come
Friendships will be forged
I and we work together
Train hard, play hard
Negative thoughts are not allowed
Every single day is a new challenge
Suck it up
Success awaits you!  (54)


Never doubt yourself