IMG_0200My first attempt at writing this update, WordPress lost my text and pictures so I am trying again. The shortened version.

Made it to the boat in 10hr 30min. Very tired but safe.



IMG_8619Hot weather = dogs swimming.


Two days of good weather, now it is raining and getting cooler.

Both Ebba and Bella have pee’d on the boat since being back. Yay! Progress.




Dogs going nuts over the ducklings squeaking around the marina.






Paul is halfway through fitting his rev equalizer to the engines.

IMG_5826 IMG_3275




Tired dogs after 7 mile trail run in the pouring rain.



Thinking of everyone who is being affected by the April Spring mega storm.

Thanks for reading.

PS: I think I just figured out why it didn’t save before – the internet connection crapped out on me.