unnamedLast Friday, people at the marina were adding extra mooring lines to their boats and with good reason. It was a little like the preparations made as Hurricane Irma approached last year. It felt rather deja vu’ish. Winter Storm Riley was working itself into a frenzy off the east coast.

unnamed-1Although we didn’t get rain, we did get winds gusting in the 50+mph range and instead of a tidal surge, we had a tidal suck. The water level must have dropped a good 6ft. So much water left the area that the boats closest to shore and the first finger docks on all three main docks were high and dry. To our advantage this time, we are docked on the inside side of the dock so we don’t get the full brunt of the wind and the waves. There were no free-drifting boats either which made the whole experience a lot less stressful.

unnamed-2During conditions like this – sustained winds 25kt+ the swing- and drawbridges close and remain so until conditions improve to a safe level which meant that there was no ‘tall’ traffic in or out of Trent River for 2 days.

unnamed-4The nor’easter storm that caused our gale force winds, moved up the east coast of the country leaving in its wake, floods, heavy wet snow and many downed power lines. Fortunately here, we had none of that. I understand that the UK has had similarly strong wind conditions and consequent damage. Thinking of you.

What we do have are cold temperatures. OK, I know it’s not as cold as it is back home in Pittsburgh but even so! As I am typing this, I have on two pairs of trousers, two shirts and a sweatshirt. I just took off my beanie but am still wearing my thick socks and slippers. I’m not really complaining; well, yes I am but as with most things on the scale of life, it’s survivable.

IMG_7387Still exploring the National Forest down the road from us. The dogs found a tortoise on the trail the other day though it didn’t want to say ‘hi’ to them.

I took them on Sunday when the winds were still high. Now, they love the beach but on Sunday, neither of them wanted to walk on it, at least not into the wind which was the way we needed to go. The sand was being blasted horizontally at us. So we took the scenic route through the trees.

The dogs are doing quite well on the boat with regards to toilet arrangements. Bella will pee during the night and sometimes during the day if encouraged. Ebba, with whom we thought we would have no problem, is proving to be a little more stubborn. Only once has she peed but I think, if she would perform if it was really necessary – such as if we were at anchor.

unnamed-5Yesterday, Paul spent most of the day just hanging around … up the mizzen mast. He was mounting and wiring up the new radar and also adding our wifi booster arial so that when a marina says it has wifi, we will be able to pick it up on the boat rather than having to go ashore to the ‘club house’ to use it.

unnamed-6Now it’s raining.

Am rather excited for this coming Saturday. David, Bekah and Toria are coming to visit for the whole day. Hopefully the weather will be somewhat warmer and drier and not windy. Would like to take them on a little cruise but obviously it is all weather-dependent.

And now, last but not least – 18.2 and 18.2a 2018 Reebok CrossFit Opens

Yes, we burned a mega hole in our cellular data allowance on Thursday evening as we watched the live announcement from R.A.W. Training. And it was another workout that both Paul and I looked forwarded to. Even the clean after the workout didn’t sound too bad. Neither of us lift heavy so we rather thought we would quickly reach our max and then just sit and watch the others complete the rest of their max lifts.

Once again, we signed up for Friday Night Lights at CrossFit Burn. We got our warm ups done and our required equipment laid out. Our judges were primed (Paul’s to keep him on track with me apparently) and 3…2…1…Go!  we were off, DB squatting and burpee’ing over the bar. Because we are doing scaled in the old farts’ division, we had an empty barbell and were allowed to step over it rather than having to jump.

We raced along and out of the corner of my eye I could see Paul always pulled ahead of me on the squats and I caught up on the burpees. We really were both neck and neck so in round 8, I decided that I needed to step up the rate of squats which I did. I kept pace with him then and then  pulled ahead. I beat him by 2 seconds. He says that if he hadn’t done the extra burpee in round ?, victory would have been his again. Haha. Not.

We finished in just over 6 minutes so had a good 5 minutes left for lifting. We both hit more than we had anticipated. I had put out plates to take me to 100# not really anticipating using the last 5#. Last time I had done heavy (for me) cleans, 100# eluded me every time. However, in the heat of competition, I got that bar up and stood tall. Was quite proud of myself. I had time for one attempt at 105#; failed. The clock ticked over the 12 min and we were done.

Paul 1 : 1 Joanna. Bring on 18.3

Thank you for reading.