Snuggling in the sun

Longish day today – 6hr 45min from dock to dock. Left Beaufort at 8:45am just in time for the 9:00am opening of Ladies Island Bridge and then it was mostly punching the current with a little push on a couple of occasions.


The view from my window this morning – Atlantic Ocean ahead

At one point we were about to turn into a cut that was reportedly shallow at low tide (our timing couldn’t have been more perfect) and we got a call on the radio from a boat behind us wanting to know how much water we needed to pass through safely. We told them and they said that they would follow our path unless we had a problem, ie ran aground. Fortunately there was plenty of water and space.


A guy collecting oysters

We had to take a huge detour down the North Edisto River, at the end of the day, 7 miles, to find our overnight marina as there are none closer to the route. However, it seems very quiet and the staff were very helpful, Bohicket Marina & Market. The fish and chips from Fischers Bar and Grill were quite delicious. There is a field to run the dogs so life is good.


White pelicans – apparently they are not common visitors

Oh and I nearly forgot. Both dogs peed on the boat during last night. You have no idea what a breakthrough this is. Mind, they wouldn’t use the turf/sod during today. But it is still progress of sorts.

Tomorrow’s destination – just south of Charleston SC.

Thank you for reading.


Dolphins come to play


Coastguard practicing