Pre-dawn before cast off


Goodbye Hinckley Yachts

And today was a good day for both time and tides. Well almost. We finally left the Hinckley dock at Thunderbolt (Savannah) GA and headed north with the tide/current. We knew there was a low bridge just a couple of miles; what we failed to note was that it had a restricted opening time in the morning – 6:30-9:00am. Fortunately, our timing was such that we only had to wait 10 minutes.


Princess Bella

Through that and then it was plain motoring; just plodding along at average 6.3kt, a little more when the current really got under the keel.

IMG_7110Our trip today was approximately 25 miles to the Hilton Head area. The ICW rather wiggled its way through the reed beds and sandbanks. There were a couple of areas that, according to the chart notes, should only be tackled on a rising tide. These were ‘cuts’ – manmade cut-throughs between sections of channel. They tend to silt up quite badly and as they haven’t been dredged for several years, people write some rather scary comments about their own experiences through these areas. Fortunately we did have a rising tide, were at about mid tide and had no issues. As a matter of fact, the shallowest depth we had below the keel was 6.5ft. So plenty of water.


Not a pelican but Ebba on point anyway

Saw lots of pelicans today, not so many dolphins. The dogs get really excited about the pelicans and bark at them. The pelicans pay them not the slightest bit of attention.

IMG_7114Arrived at Hilton Head Harbor Marina at lunchtime so we had plenty of time to explore the surrounding area. Exploring these days takes the form of finding places for the dogs to run off-leash. We did manage to find a great walk and a very small graveyard with some very old (1890) and some quite modern (2014) headstones. And then there was a sandy shore, clean water, reeds and swimming – dog heaven. Unfortunately there were also still some oyster shells; Bella cut herself but only once.

Bought some sod/turf yesterday for the deck. Bella pee’d on the boat … once. But major success.

Thank you for reading.