As brief as possible.

unnamed-2Thursday last week: My very good friend lent us her car to drive home with a load of stuff from the Grand Banks and to collect our truck.

Friday last week: drove both cars back to Sandusky. Returned my friend’s car to Toledo OH. Drove back to Sandusky. Decided that we would need a U-Haul trailer to empty the boat.

Saturday last week: filled trailer and truck inside the cab and the back with little room to spare. Said good bye to San Graal and drove back to Pittsburgh.

Sunday: emptied and started repacking the trailer and car.

unnamed-3Monday: finished repacking and set off at 18:35 for Florida. Intention was to stop in Jacksonville on Tuesday/Tuesday night and continue on on Wednesday. Called to make a reservation at a hotel in Jacksonvile and the guy on the other end of the phone, after declaring that Jackson Ville wasn’t coming up on his screen, asked me how to spell it. Only room available was going to cost an arm and a leg so let that one slide. Change of plan.

IMG_5876Tuesday: booked hotel room in St Lucie with early check-in. Plan – to stop for the afternoon/night and continue on to boat on Wednesday. By this time the paperwork and money transfer had all been completed so we were now the proud owners of KK54 Ursa Major (Hull # 1). Change of plan – decided to keep going straight to the boat and go to the hotel just for the night. Ended up unpacking the trailer and most of the car, with the help of two marina hands. So much stuff. One of the marina hands commented that we have the record for the most stuff being moved onto a newly acquired boat. OMG, it was and still is so hot and humid. And then I cried. What the f..k have we done? I must have been looking through rose tinted glasses on our previous visit.

IMG_5882Wednesday: unpacking. Cleaning and stocking the galley. Poor dogs were very good. They are so hot. Met our first manatees. First meal on the boat; first night on the boat.

IMG_5907Thursday: unpacking. Continued with galley. Took dogs to a dog friendly beach. Had a blast except I think Ebba over-did it because she is now limping. Probably getting bowled over by a wave didn’t help. Did pass CrossFit Jensen Beach on the way to the beach. Haven’t been yet but I will.


Friday: found a dog park closer to home; thought it might be better that Ebba didn’t run too much and I didn’t want her swimming in the sea (still limping). Dog park turned into a free-for-all in the lake. Helped Paul bleed the engine after he had changed the filters but it wouldn’t start. Then he remembered that he had isolated the fuel yesterday. Amazingly the engine started after turning the fuel back on. AC unit in the saloon has crapped out – need a new one. The one in our cabin works fortunately. Dock gets so hot I am worried that it will burn the dogs’ paws. Took forever to fill the water tanks. Every other time we have left the boat, we have closed the hatches and windows; not today. And today it rained. Inside of the boat got soaked.

Oh well. It’s all a learning process.

Thanks for reading. #boatingwithdogs

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