IMG_0607After wrecking my shoulder/arm last week lifting the dogs on and off the swim platform, Paul built an additional ramp for the dogs to use to get down to the swim platform and dinghy and consequently into the water. Initially there was a little hesitancy but eventually they couldn’t resist ‘jumping’ in to save Paul when he splashed around. It actually progressed into a race to see who could get to the throw cushion first when Paul or I threw one in the water. We’d all start on the back deck, throw the cushion and then Ebba and Bella, whilst making little yelping noises, would scramble down the first ramp, across the dinghy and then launch themselves half way down the water ramp. Only once did Ebba win and then she accidently got her leg through the strap of the throw cushion and started swimming away from Paul with cushion in tow, much to Paul’s chagrin. He had to swim after her to recover his cushion.

IMG_0617Storms rolled through last night while we were still on the boat and we bounced around quite a bit even though we were on a mooring ball in Put-in-Bay. Bella decided that she needed to go out in the middle of one of these storms – wind was blowing over 20mph and it was pitch black. And it was raining. So being the courageous and caring person that I am, I opened the door, shoved her outside onto the deck and quickly shut it again. A few minutes passed and no sign of Bella. Hmm, thoughts of her having fallen overboard sprang to mind. Let’s face it, she has been know to take a midnight swim before. So wrapped in a slightly damp dog-drying towel, I opened the door and let myself out into the elements. No sign of Bella. Oh shit!!!! And then as I made my way to the back of the boat, all the while shouting in a whisper “Bella”, a little black head pops up over the stern rail and here she comes, up from the swim platform. Somehow she had managed to wriggle around the barrier Paul and I had constructed to prevent this from happening and she had been down on the platform trying to get into the dinghy so that I would take her ashore for her to go pee. Remember, pitch black night; bouncing around on a most uncomfortable and irregular short chop; 20mph+ winds whistling; and rain. If she had fallen off, she would have been a ‘gonna’. Fortunately she didn’t and she isn’t.

Happy boating with dogs.