IMG_0530.jpgWednesday evening, hanging on a ball at Put-In-Bay, 15 minutes before sundown and the dogs were driving me crazy and we still haven’t got the dogs to pee or poop on the boat. So I bundled them into the dinghy and drove at top speed to the shore to accommodate them. The time crunch was because I didn’t have the navigation lights/flash light on the boat. Five minutes to shore, 5 min walk/pee/poop, 5 min back to the boat. Phew, made it.

Ha, should have realized. I came alongside the swim platform and before I or Paul had got proper hold, Ebba decided to try to climb out of the dinghy. She put her front paws on the swim platform but didn’t jump immediately. As a consequence, she pushed the dinghy away from the boat and, plop, splash, she fell gracefully into the ever-widening gap.

As it turned out, it was a good time to practice ‘dog overboard’ drill and to put into practice the recovery plan I devised after the last time Ebba decided to separate herself from the dinghy in deep water. And it worked. I managed to maneuver her around and lift her front legs on and in to the dinghy. After that, she and I managed to haul her out; Ebba helping by getting her back legs pretty high up the inflated tube of the dinghy.

None the worse for wear and totally un-phased by the experience, she was ready to try again. But not tonight, my dear.
IMG_0473.JPGOne really special thing happens when boating with dogs, Paul cooks breakfast while I am out walking the dogs and then more often that not, he does the washing up also.

Earlier in the day, Paul had rigged up the dock gangplank with some buoyancy and hung it off the dinghy so that the dogs were able to climb into and out of the water on their own. Fun times.

Thursday morning, I took the dogs ashore for their early morning constitutional. They were wearing their leashes and I had hold of them, and as we closed the shore, the dogs and I saw the flock of ducks that hang out around the ‘beach’. I was continually saying ‘No, No….’ and lightly jerking the leashes to remind the dogs I meant No. (I wish to goodness I had had a video camera trained on us because what happened next must have been the funniest sight ever.)

Just as I turned to the right, and took my eyes off the dogs and the ducks, to pull the plug on the outboard, my left hand/arm and then my whole being, suddenly whiplashed leftwards. The dogs had chosen to completely disregarded my ‘No’ or interpreted it to mean ‘jump over the side, drag Jo, with or without the dinghy, with you and chase the ducks’ because that is exactly what they did. So I am sitting in the dinghy holding on for dear life with my legs while being pulled at quite a rate, sideways along the shore, the outboard’s propeller is bumping on the stones. F..k F..k F..k. STOP!!! Needless to say, the dogs didn’t seem to notice that my sandals got wet, again, as I dragged them and the dinghy back to the landing steps.

IMG_0501.jpgWent paddle boarding with them later. I ended up with both on my board which made even my floating sidewalk unstable. We all ended up in the water but that’s OK because we are waterproof.