ImageImageThis was the view from our ‘bridge’ on Saturday. There was a junior sailing regatta at Sandusky Sailing Club. Because of the number of dinghies attending, the sailing was held on 3 different courses within the confines of Sandusky Bay. You would think that because the dinghies are in the sheltered waters of the Bay, it would be a fairly safe place for the juniors to sail. And basically it is. There is a lot of power boat traffic and for the most part, they are fairly respectful and zoom around the outside of the fleets. However, there is always one (or two) powerboat owner(s) who have absolutely no respect for other boaters and a complete disregard for the consequences of their actions and boat wake. We saw one largish powerboat power straight through two of the course areas, right through each of the fleets. They were  extremely lucky not to hit any of the dinghies and also that the wake they caused did not flip any of the boats. But the potential was there for a complete disaster. Seeing the attendant coach/parent boats brought to mind when Anna and David were sailing these dinghies.

And now for the crazy bit. Anna and David, although they knew how to sail, cut their racing teeth on the junior racing circuit around the W end of Lake Erie and Columbus OH. Obviously, initially I had to drive them to the various regattas and because I was there, I wanted to go out on the water to watch. And if my Mum was over visiting from the UK, she would come out on the water with me. One year I had a couple of kayaks which I hauled around along with Anna’s and David’s dinghies. And it was in the kayaks that Mum and I ventured out on to the ‘sheltered waters’ of Sandusky Bay. Haha (cynical laugh).

One thing you have to understand is that there is nowhere for the powerboat wake to dissipate really. Most of it is rebounded off the shore. So the resultant wave effect is like a washing machine. Waves come from all directions and are of varying heights. And it was in these conditions that I ‘made’ Mum (who had never been in a kayak before) paddle out probably 3/4 mile to watch her grandchildren. It was a little, nay, very scary and we were very lucky not to be tipped over or run down.

And then today, when we arrived home, we had a little visitor on the front lawn.




Hope you all had a good weekend. USA just gave up their lead for a 2-2 draw with Portugal.


Never doubt yourself.