ImageImage In the grocery store today (and this is something I have been meaning to check up on for a while), the blueberries were available in ‘1 pint’ containers and 18oz containers. There was a $1.00 difference in price. My problem was, how to compare prices oz per oz between the containers when it doesn’t say how many ounces = 1pint or how many pints in 18oz. Looking at the two containers in the store, it appeared that the larger container is/was approximately 2 of the smaller ones. But this is not the case. Apparently, 1pint = 3/4lb (12oz) so 2pints (1quart) = 1 1/2lb (24oz). So when I picked up the larger container thinking I was buying twice the amount, I wasn’t (remember the larger container holds 18oz). Yes, it still works out cheaper, oz per oz, but it is all very misleading.

This link has some great information about freezing blueberries and other soft fruit:

And of course, blueberries are great for your health, very high in antioxidants; great for helping reduce inflammation from exercise; …

We’ve made it through to the end of another week. It is almost midsummer’s night so it has to be the Rachel Carson Trail race/hike this weekend. Good luck to everyone participating.

Have a fun Friday.


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