Image I made my first post in this blog format on 1 February 2013 and almost everyday since then I have sent out some innocuous comments to be ignored or read by a few or all. Thank you to those who do read; it is quite humbling to think that you would spare a few of your precious minutes to humor me.

I looked back at the first one and it was about being caught at the rail crossing, a diamond heist, horse meat in Nestle products (but not their chocolate) and Medijool dates. Oh, and Paul cycling back to Millvale in the snow. Brrr.

Today, the temperature almost hit 90F with heat index readings into the low 90’sF. Uggggg! And it got me thinking about hydration – of ourselves. As I finished today’s workout and collapsed in a sweaty puddle on the floor, I guzzled the last drops of water in my water bottle. I then went on to cheer and encourage Pat to push through his ‘pain’ as the sweat dripped off him too. Post-WOD, I have drunk two mugs of tea, a coffee and half a mug of water. Not a very sensible plan for rehydration.

I know there is no way that I have replenished all that water I lost, not just during the workout but walking to and from the car, walking around the track at the park and even just sitting still while my body continues its work at keeping me cool. I think I am probably chronically dehydrated. Just slightly less than fully hydrated but a condition that could become a problem if I really pushed the limits into an acutely dehydrated situation. Starting tomorrow, I will be more conscientious about drinking more water. I will fully hydrate myself, even if means I spend more time peeing.

So, in this case, don’t follow my example; do as I say, not as I do. Drink more water. If you wish, you can do that whilst you ‘eat more chicken’. But either way, rehydrate fully.

Here are a couple of links: Why you should drink more water:

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Hopefully the storms will miss you tonight.


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