ImageIt is full moon and Friday 13th time. And it was fairly windy today. I bet teachers are happy that schools is out. (Ask a teacher.)

Apparently, the full moon that occurs around the Summer Solstice is called the Honey Moon because of its rich honey color as it comes up over the horizon. The full moon actually occurred at 12:13 am this morning but if your sky is clear, you should see the moon as it rises tonight at 09:31pm. And hopefully it will be a yummy honey color.

And in the past, weddings tended to be held more in June around the Summer Solstice and it is thought that this is from where the term “honeymoon” originated. Now though, apparently, the majority of weddings are held in August and September.

And whilst you have one eye cast skywards towards the moon, have the other cast towards the ground; be watchful of black cats.

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend, especially to my friends from CrossFit Mt Lebanon who are competing in the Laurel Highlands 70.5mile relay race tomorrow. And to the two CFMTL teams competing in Harrisburg on Sunday. Good luck, good luck, good luck.

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe if storms are forecasted.


Never doubt yourself