Image It’s that time of year, children are out of school, the older ones are home from college, bar-b-ques are being lit and camp fires are burning. And the mosquitos are buzzing and biting. Damn, I hate those things as you might have guessed already.

I usually use DEET in copious quantities because it works. However, I am a little concerned about its long term effects on me so I had a look around for something a little more natural. I wonder if cavemen were plagued by mosquitos. And if so, did they have any repellent recipes.

Anyway, I found this page: 13 Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitos Away For me it is only 12 ways because I am unable to eat garlic and I don’t often feed it to Paul either. However, I do like the idea of the lavender oil on the ribbon and rubbing it on me. Now all I need to do is find some lavender essence oil. And my grandmother always had bottles of lavender water around her house.

If you should try any of these, let me know if it worked.

Still thinking and praying for my bro.

Have a fantastic Friday.


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