ImageCheese is supposed to be smelly and tangy and maybe have a blue or black stuff growing in it. Isn’t it? Well the good stuff is anyway. Well the FDA, in its infinite wisdom, because there is never food poisoning caused from tainted salad stuff, bagged spinach, dirty melons, bad meat, etc, had declared that cheese makers in the US are no longer allowed to mature their cheeses on wooden boards – a practice used by cheese makers since cheese was first made. And we have survived this practice. The FDA has also stated that it will no longer allow imported cheeses from England and Europe that have been matured on wooden boards. So does that mean goodbye to a good number of cheese imports? And no smelly cheeses? Bummer.

I don’t eat cheese any more but for many years it was more or less all I ate. It was my comfort food. So I do feel very strongly about this. And according to the report (see link) Canada still allows wood board matured cheeses so if you want to eat artisanal cheeses, looks like you will have to go to Canada. Or England or Europe. Just don’t try to bring any back into the country. Or I wonder so long as it is for your own consumption, would it be allowed? Something to investigate.

Hope everyone survived the storms that just rolled through the area and are not affected by power outages or flooding. Be safe.

And finally, good luck and prayers for my bro who is undergoing throat surgery tomorrow.


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