Yesterday, I made a conscious decision not to write a blog. The day before I had written ad infinitum about my day and when I set out on this blog writing adventure, that was not my goal – to bore anyone who chose to read it with my day. And also, the internet signal was so intermittent that I just get angry and frustrated with the whole thing. Hence, no blog.

ImageImage  Today, however, I was wondering on what to comment so I did my usual beginning search on the BBC news website. I saw the headlines for an article about how Apple has developed Apps to ‘rival Dropbox and What’s App’; both of which I use. (Let me also point out that my laptop is a Mac aka Apple computer using Apple’s internet browser, Safari.) As the article began to open, Safari shut down, all on its own, the second time today. Now this might strongly suggest that there is something wrong with my computer, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I did find it a little ironic (I think I use the term correctly) that it was an article about Apple and the Apple system failed. Oops.

I guess you had to be there.

And I hope that the little Chihuahua that closed the Fort Pitt tunnel today found its owners. Well, I hope they are worthy of finding.


Never doubt yourself