Well that was interesting. Had a great day – cleaned the boat, cruised across to Middle Bass Island, in increasing wind, anchored off and paddleboarded, had dinner and then set off to cruise back to Sandusky Bay because the weather forecast was for the wind to veer around to the south east and the anchorage we were in is not good for south easterlies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe paddleboard was really good. First time out this season. Got right up close in shore and saw lots of fish – big black ones and hundreds of small fry. Saw a couple of snakes too; Paul said he saw loads of them. Paul fell off his board but the water was only waist deep at the time so no real foul. We were wearing our old shorty wetsuits but even so. The water temperature was 66F. Still pretty chilly. However, having said that, I took the first plunge off the back of the boat. And Paul, not to be outdone by his wife, followed suit. It was an extremely quick in-and-out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe dried off, re-stowed the boards, ate and then hauled the anchor. Everything was fine to begin with though the wind was increasing up into the mid 20’s and the waves, although large, were hitting at a comfortable angle. But then …..

Not sure if we altered course or the waves altered their direction but the next thing we knew, we were pounding through 5-6ft monsters. Up, up, up and then down into the depths. And the boat was washed again. And again. And again. The kettle once again left the stove but this time landed on the floor. I will learn.

It got so bad that we had to retreat to the lower steering station. And right at that moment, as I stepped into the cabin, it was there. My dinner. Hovering just below my esophagus, teasing me as to whether or not I needed a bucket.

I managed to hang on to it and Paul kept promising me that very soon we will turn the corner and the motion will become easier. We did turn the corner and I just happened to open my eyes at that moment. Turned out I had flashbacks to a previous life. Talk about de j’ai vu. (Anna, David – remember Amble?)

Just at that moment, as I opened my eyes, I felt the bow go down and the stern come up. Cedar Point’s roller coasters rose through the windscreen windows as we buried the bows into the trough of the wave. At the same time, the wave pushed the stern sideways so that the boat corkscrewed and began to roll and go broadside to the wave. Our boat isn’t designed to that fast bow first never mind side onto the wavaves. OMG! I was jumping up to grab my lifejacket when Paul managed to gain steerage again and straighten us out. Talk about a rogue wave. Talk about another reason to puke.

We made it to the new anchorage just as the twilight disappeared. We are now nestled under the lee of Sandy Point. The wind is still blowing and hopefully it won’t continue to veer to the south east until tomorrow morning. Don’t really fancy a 3am move.

Hope everyone had a good Saturday. Congrats to all who competed in competitions today. Keep trudging to those taking part in the Relay for Life. Thinking of you.


Never doubt yourself.