… watching the world go by. Even in Sandusky Bay it can be quite beautiful; you are able to forget, well not forget necessarily, but at least for a little while push to the back of your mind all the nasty things that are going on in the world.

IMG_2911  IMG_2912  IMG_2913 Anchored off between Johnson Island and Sandy Point., Nature’s colours are amazing. In the background, we can hear the roar of the roller coasters from Cedar Point. And have just seen a most bizarre sight – black clouds of flies rising off the trees. I hope they are not coming our way.

(This was last night. It has taken me all this time to get a f*cking signal strong enough to load and send this. So much for leaving the cares of the world behind.)

Have a wonderful weekend. Be nice to someone. Good luck to everyone competing and to those taking part in the Relay for Life in Mt Lebanon.


Never doubt yourself