Image I knew there was a reason I add milk to my tea and coffee. Apparently the latest trend with coffee is to add a couple of tablespoons of butter (made from the milk from grass-fed cows). For more details as to why it is good for you, here is one article: I have also heard of people adding coconut oil to their coffee.

My first reaction to this was “Eeewww” but then I got to thinking, I make my coffee half (milk) and half (water) so I am part way there to having the same ingredients in my drink. And then, because it is ‘throwback Thursday’, I cast my mind back to when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth and I was a teenager; I used to drink black coffee through with about 1/4-1/2″ of thick cream floating on top. So that was even closer to this present day gourmet delight. I say that, ‘gourmet delight’. I haven’t actually tried the butter thing yet. I have to admit though, if I am going to consume butter, I would rather have it on a piece of bread – paleo of course – and add proper (grass-fed) cream to my coffee.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD; it’s rope climbs. Yessss! I love rope climbs. Long socks, 3 pairs – remember.


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