Image Not the most flattering photo of me in recent years but definitely the most emotional. I got to spend the weekend with all of my family. David and Bekah drove up from Virginia Beach last night to spend quality time with Paul and me and to watch Anna today as she competed in the final 2 WODs of the CrossFit Regionals trying to secure a spot in the 2014 CrossFit Games at the end of July.

Image After yesterday, day 2 of Regionals, Anna was lying in 5th overall and 7 points out of 3rd. Looked like a tall order but nobody gave up hope. However, I was so emotionally drained at the end of yesterday, I literally fell into bed and passed out.

This morning I managed a short traveling WOD I made up just to try to settle my nervous tension (it didn’t work). And then we headed to the Patriot Centre where Jordan, Eric and Rob, who I think camped out at the Centre last night, managed to save 2 full rows of seats. Not sure how they did it but we were very grateful for their tenacity because the seats were just perfect.

I won’t go into details of the workouts, Anna will do that tomorrow. But suffice to say, she went out there with grit and determination and was obviously on a mission. She was going to do all within her power to improve her score and just hope that others would do their bit to make it happen. She blasted the field on event 6. OMG. She drove it into the ground. And then event 7, she didn’t panic, kept her cool and nailed it too. She owes me another trip to the hair stylist to cover up my latest shock of grey hairs.

It was a fantastic weekend all round, made even sweeter because David and Bekah came up and we were able to celebrate his last weekend’s attempt at the 100 mile race. And Paul, forever my rock. Thank you Paul. Love you.



Potentially going to do something really relaxing tomorrow, like stand-up paddle boarding.

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