Image My day began before dawn with a huge gulp of sour milk. The second gulp went down the drain. I have to say, if you need something to make you come to your senses quickly, early in the morning, sour milk will work every time.

Image Then I cut into my last apple, which was supposed to be my ‘snack’ on the way to the box to WOD and this is what I found.

Image During the WOD, actually while I had a bar overhead and I was halfway through a squat so absolutely defenseless, coach took away my water bottle. Now, I have to say, I survived without it, but I do use it, i.e. sip from it, to re-focus my mind to the task in hand. Have to chain it to my leg next time.

Image After the workout and on the way back to Fox Chapel where I was supposed to be taking my car for its state inspection, leaving the car at the garage and cycling to an appointment, a car broke down in the Fort Pitt tunnel so traffic was more backed up than normal and it took forever to get through. And I realized, of course now I was running late, that I didn’t have the original copy of the car registration document with me which meant that I had to drive past the garage, go home, get the necessary paperwork, come back to the garage, deposit the car and then bike to my appointment.

Things did improve somewhat after that fortunately but I was beginning to despair. And then I got a text, a very long text, from a friend of mine who was venting and I felt a lot better. My problems are mere pimples on a cow’s backside compared to hers. Hers are more like cow pats.

I was going to say ‘Happy Hump Day’ but what with pimples and cow pats, it doesn’t seem necessary.


Never doubt yourself