Congratulations to David and Drew for their first attempt at running 100 miles. They didn’t quite make it; they had to stop at mile 65 which means they did run 100 km. I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like.ImageA special day in May today. It’s not often my Christmas cactus flowers and when it does, there are only usual one or two flowers which only last a couple of days. I was lucky to see this.

The other reason today is special in history for our family is that 19 years ago today, Anna, David and I arrived in the US on our new adventure. Paul had arrived 17 days earlier to begin his new job and find us somewhere to live.

Image We left our house in the UK and did a tour of and explored some old castles,


And the Roman Wall.

ImageThis is me taking a nap in a 2000 year old bedroom.

Image We left Newcastle airport to fly to Detroit-Wayne where we met up with Paul who took us to our new abode (for the next 3 days), the Holiday Inn Express in Perrsyburg OH.


Image We arrived just at the end of the school year. So in order for Anna and David to get to know some of their peers, they joined the local summer swim team. We didn’t have a car at that time so we bought rollerblades.


It’s been quite a journey so far. Lots achieved, lessons learned, still so much to do.


Never doubt yourself