ImageI have been a little pre-occupied today by the fact that David is going for his first 100 mile race. This photo was taken earlier today as David and Drew were approaching the 50 mile mark. Actually about 4 hours ago according to the official timing mats. The sun has now set down there across the Keys, FL and the wind is blowing 20+mph but it is blowing on their backs. They should be lit up like little beacons with reflective clothing and flashing LED lights front and back. The last post I saw was that they were about to tackle the ‘7 Mile Bridge’. Yes, it is 7 miles long totally exposed to the elements. Hopefully once they conquer this obstacle, they will be able to concentrate on the last 40 miles, remain on pace and finish when they had hoped to.

Apparently the bridges between the Keys are quite brutally high so this is by no means a flat course. Not sure how many bridges they have to cross but there are a lot. Earlier in the day it was very humid and hard to breathe. And the sun, which was not supposed to show its face, was dancing across the sky. Not really what they wanted. Hopefully it will have cooled off somewhat now and this will help as they draw closer to their goal – the finish line.

Keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for them.


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