I shared this picture on Facebook yesterday because I am awesome! Haha. That is probably the least humble statement I have ever made about myself.

But today I am dedicating it to my son, David Tunnicliffe. He is awesome. And not just because of his Mum, he is awesome in his own right. And just to prove how awesome he is (again), tomorrow at 6:20am, he and his friend Drew Webb, will be setting off to run 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West. http://www.keys100.comImage

Their support team Bekah and Robin Brewer will be waiting at mile 10, the first of many stops along the way. Bekah and Robin are driving, carrying all the supplies David and Drew will need to complete this mega feat. The forecast, at last look, seems fairly reasonable for the next 36 hours – fairly cloudy, humidity not too high (in the low 60’s) and windy (but it should be on their back quarter for most of the way).

I wish them good luck and every success. It’s good to have dreams and challenge ourselves. If we say we can, we will; if we say we can’t, we won’t. I know they can and so do they.

ImageI had the opportunity today to see my hubby, Paul, in his work element. We visited one of his sites on our way to the boat and the plant manager, Brian, gave me a site tour. Paul came along just keep Brian on his toes. It was good to see Paul with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face (even though he looks as though he is scowling in the photo) as he scrutinized the updates and work that had been accomplished at the site, quizzing and complimenting when necessary.

If it is not too much of an imposition, I ask that you keep David and Drew in your thoughts tomorrow particularly into the night hours and early Sunday morning as they battle the ‘mind over matter’ and make their way towards and across the finish line. Thank you. Here is the link to the website just in case you would like to see more of what they are doing:

Enjoy your weekend. Good luck to everyone who is competing.


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