Image If you drop a box of frozen raspberries, they shatter into tiny pieces, into their individual seeds. And then they thaw extremely quickly and make a real mess on the floor.

A bit of a disaster out west with all the wild fires. I hope all the firefighters are kept safe while they try to contain the blazes.

It rained just a bit here today. Actually it p#ssed it down all day. Flash floods are likely in some areas.

Talking about flooding, the UK is looking into building floating homes. This and other flood defenses are being considered in light of the substantial flooding experienced by the country over the last 12 months.

Image “With Signs Like This, Married Couples May Never Fight Again” Hmm, was it pastel pink? Or liver red?

And finally, from a Twitter post:

 3h   This is an example of a chemistry jokeImage
Smile, it could be worse.
Never doubt yourself