ImageTurkey coal mine disaster: Desperate search at Soma pit. So far 245 have died and a further 120 are still missing. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

Image“Endurance exercise ‘interferes with heart rhythm : Athletes beware – endurance training may make it more likely that you will need a pacemaker, scientists believe.”

This type of headline and opening statement to a report really ticks me off. Read down the report, it says the risk is low and that the advantages of exercise far outweigh the risks. And statements such as this also gives health/life insurance companies more ammo to raise premiums and/or refuse insurance. You can imagine the questionnaire: do you exercise? how often per week? how much per week? Oh, can’t insure you because you may need a pacemaker in later years. I’d like to think I am being cynical but ….

ImageAnd I made some new friends today.

ImageAva, Chase and Massey (I think).


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