ImageOn my bike ride this morning, I rode past the land slide site on W Carson Street. Although the buildings at the top of the cliff have been inspected and declared safe, I think if I lived there, I would be looking for alternative accommodation. The width of the slide was pretty substantial. At least the train tracks are cleared. Wonder what, if anything, can be done to hold the hill side in place. The Duquesne Incline is just to the right of this site too.

Image In the mail today I received two copies of The Weekly Telegraph. One was dated March which I thought was really inept of them. However, it turned out that the newspaper inside was the most up to date copy published. The other paper was from the week before. Weird.

Image And finally. Out of convenience, I usually shop at Giant Eagle though over the past couple of months I have called in to the local Community Market at the other end of Fox Chapel plaza. After my visit in there today, I am seriously thinking about putting ‘convenience’ on the back burner and being more selective about where I shop. I bought this carton of milk from the Community Market today and it was almost $1 cheaper than if I had bought it at Giant Eagle. I don’t think the fuel perks compensates to that extent. A few more price differences like this on several other items and just imagine the savings.

Forecast is for strong possibility of more storms tonight. Batten down the hatches. Looks as though Wednesday could begin a little wild.


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