Yesterday, coming into harbor after a beautiful weekend, as always it was tough to get my head around the 3 hour drive home awaiting us once we tied up and put the boat to bed. On the rare occasions when we are able to stay over Sunday night, this ride back to the marina is much more relaxing. However, I count my blessings that we have these opportunities. Image

Went for a short bike ride today after WOD’ding and it felt really good. However, I did work up quite an appetite that would only be satisfied by baking and eating cookies. So I did. In light of this, I submit this next photo.


And still on the food theme, I think the following idea is odd. “Are ‘female friendly’ restaurants sexist?” I don’t eat out often and obviously not in the circles at which these restaurants are targeted but I do have to say, wherever I eat and am paying for it, I expect damn good service and I expect to be made to feel welcomed and comfortable. If I am not, then I tell them so and it is reflected in the tip.

Am getting nervous and excited for David, my son, who, this coming weekend, will be competing in and running his first ever 100 mile race. I thinks that is why I had to bake cookies. It’s what I do when I get nervous. Well, one of the things.

I hope you had a funday Monday. Have a chewsday Tuesday; treat yourself to something you really like to eat but from which you have refrained for a while. Like cookies.


Never doubt yourself