Image The day began with a boat safety inspection, which we passed, and we got our sticker which should keep the Coastguard happy.

Last weekend, with all the wind and the fact that we had stretched the dinghy cover over the new engine bracket, all the stitching failed on the cover and, for want of a better phrase, the dinghy’s butt was hanging out. So today’s major project was to reshape, add in a piece of cloth and restitch the whole cover. Successfully checked that job off the ‘to do’ list.

Image The water is so clear at the moment. A rare sight on Lake Erie.

Such a beautiful day. Cruised across to Put In Bay and picked up a mooring ball. Went ashore for a walk to try out my foot – see if it is ready for running yet. (Probably not quite.) Anyway, I digress. As we were walking towards Perry’s Monument, we heard and then saw a boat coming in towards the monument from the east. Haven’t ever explored that area of the island so am not sure of how shallow/deep it is, whether or not there are underwater obstruction or any other hazards. Obviously we stopped and watched and waited. At first it seemed as though they were going to tie up alongside one of the private docks there because there was someone standing ready on the bow with a rope and a fender. And they were coming pretty fast. However, they closed right up to the shore and then seemed to realize (we speculated correctly) that you can’t actually get to P-I-B from the east side of the island; you have to go around one of the ends and then down the west side.

ImageSo they 180’d and went south down towards the Miller Ferry landing end of the island. We continued our walk back to our own boat. On the ferry out to the boat we mentioned to the boat captain what we had just seen. He chuckled and then pointed to a boat aground on the reef between Gibraltar Island and the main island. It was the same one. This conclusively proved that the person helming that boat did not have charts of any sort onboard and/or wouldn’t know how to read them if he did. It is really scary that there are people out there in charge of 10+ tons and they don’t know where they are going. OMG.


Image Back onboard, both Paul and I dangled our bad feet in the 50F water for 15 minutes and then chilled on the back deck. (No pun intended. Yes it was!) And we had a practice man-overboard practice. See the white cooler, we did our civic duty and rescued it as it floated past Kelleys Island.

We were the first boaters of the year on the mooring balls but we didn’t get a discount. Oh well.

Have a great Sunday. Happy Mothers’ Day to every Mother, soon-to-be mother, Daddy Mother, and Auntie Mother. Everyone is priceless.  And if you are running in the Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh tomorrow, have fun.


Never doubt yourself