Image Fat isn’t really the correct word but it fitted in with the rest of the title. For the second time in a row of going to Starbucks, I got behind someone ordering what seemed like 20 drinks. Think I need to change my Starbucks.

Image Live streaming of us on Earth from the space station. I clicked on the screen/feed and nothing happened. It stayed black. I thought it was broken. And then I read. If the screen goes black (or is black), it doesn’t mean the space station has been swallowed by a black hole. It means that the space station is moving through a night phase in its orbit. Just tried it again and it is flying over somewhere very cloudy.

Image Really? “California’s majestic redwood trees are in danger as poachers enter the sunshine state’s national parks to steal its wood to sell for furniture.” How about they get a job instead of ruining everything for everyone else?!!!!


Image Apparently, 94 floors up, if you want to, you can lean out at a 30 degree angle over the city of Chicago, lying on a plate of glass. Why? Some people decided it would be a good idea in the John Hancock building (formerly the Sears Tower). The “splat factor” was a comment made by someone being interviewed as to whether or not they would go up and look out. She wouldn’t!

IOC awards Olympic broadcast rights to NBCUniversal through 2032” OMG I hope they haven’t renewed Bob Costas contract till then as well.


Never doubt yourself