Been in a rather odd mood today (more odd than normal). Had an appointment with the foot doctor and was all up tight because I was dreading the news that I would have to have surgery to repair the damage. Good news is, I don’t. At least not yet. It should heal on its own. Yay!!! So my day.

Image Waiting at the lights in Millvale, I notice the telegraph pole had a serious lean.

Image Then I got stopped by a train.

ImageAt the hospital, I was given this glamourous slipper to wear. But only one even though I had to take off both socks.

ImageGot bored waiting for the doctor to make an appearance.

ImageImageApart from the gross shape of my foot, the doc taped my toe down to keep the tendon tear together. Hopefully it will heal by itself. The surgery alternatives to repair the tear would be a total disaster; that’s what the doc said. He said that I could gradually resume my running but I am actually a little scared as the last time I ran any distance I was in such pain. I am going to have to build my confidence again.

However, I consoled myself with a bike ride and I could actually push the pedal without too much discomfort.


Saw some baby geese


Took a picture of Paul’s office block and sent it to him telling him I was watching him

I rode down to the West End bridge and carried my bike up the steps so that I could ride across the river.


See the different colored waters – from the Allegheny and Mononghala mixing in the Ohio

By the time I got back to my car, I was feeling better. And it was a beautiful day in general. I appreciated that. I hope you had a good day too.


Never doubt yourself