ImageLet’s get this one out of the way first. Anna and Team Alinghi won in Qingdao China. And it is fair to say they went out with a bang. Well, at least someone else caused the bang; Alinghi ended up with the hole. But no-one was hurt, the boat didn’t sink so all was well.

ImageThis weekend, closer to home, there was lots of other action going on too. Pittsburgh marathon and races took place today. There were so many people from CFMTL taking part, it is fantastic to see all the photos on Facebook; everyone is smiling and proudly displaying their finishers’ medals. Congratulations to everyone who took part. I still find it incredible to think that when we first moved to Pittsburgh, 10 years ago, there were maybe 10 road races and none longer that 13.1 miles (I might be being optimistic on the 10). Now, there are races almost every weekend, even during the winter. Proud of you Pittsburgh.

Also, some CFMTL athletes competed in a masters’ CrossFit competition; for some it was their first time. And they did super too. We had two who finished 3rd overall.

And our weekend cruising finished with a little bit of excitement. We left the dock this morning in 8 kt of wind from the NE. It was absolutely beautiful. The wind direction and strength was not what was forecasted but there was no weather on the horizon in any direction to cause concern. On our way back to the dock, we decided to stop at the pump out station. While we were tied up, I noticed that the wind had changed direction – to the NW which was forecasted but still it was very light. However, just as I cast off the bowline, boom, a huge gust hit us blowing us back onto the dock. Paul managed eventually, by full reverse followed by full forward, to get us off the dock and on our way back to our home dock. As we came around the corner on the leg down to the dock, apparently (Paul didn’t tell me until we were tied up) the wind hit around 35kt. What?! Where on earth did this all come from? The forecast was for only 15-18kt. And again, just as we turned in to our slip, a huge gust hit again and threw everything into a loop. Fortunately we didn’t hit anything and I managed to get a rope on shore to prevent us drifting over to the next dock but boy, was it tough.

So as I said, excitement all round. Hope you had a good weekend and are now fully charged for the week ahead. The weekend will be here before you know it so smile.


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