ImageImage Look at the bottom left of the photo, second number in. Yes, that’s 30.7kt of wind (35mph) and that was on the down gust. We left the dock in winds around 12-15kt. By the time we had got around the west side of South Bass Island the wind was in the mid 20kt range and coming back to the dock, well, we had sustained winds of over 30kt. According to the Beaufort Scale,

32 – 38  mph  Moderate gale whole trees in motion; inconvenience in walking against wind 

And it was very wavy too. Washed the decks quite clean. So that is the wind and spray.

The fire is another matter. Our stove top on the boat has fiddle bars. They clamp around pots, pans and kettles on the stove whilst under way in order to keep the pots from sliding off. Today they failed to work. I had left the kettle on the stove top after making tea, clamped tightly by the fiddle bars. There was some water in the kettle. I have never had a problem before; left the kettle this way on many occasions. When I came back to the stove to make more tea, the kettle had tipped over and spilled all the water over the burners. So, I mopped it up, filled the kettle and lit the gas. Or at least tried to. At first nothing happened. The sparker sparked but that was it. Then quite abruptly, violent ‘poof’ of flame surrounded the kettle. Quick, turn off the gas (read propane). Tried again. Same thing. Then I realized I could hear bubbling. Decided this needed investigating. So I took the burners to pieces and found … the little jet that lets out the gas sits in a little well. And yes, like any good well, it was full of water and the bubbling I could hear was the gas bubbling its way through the water. No wonder it didn’t burn correctly. Still no foul. I once again dried everything off and went on to make tea. Phew.

Good luck to everyone, especially my friends at CFMTL who are part of the Pittsburgh marathon tomorrow, whether full, half, relay, supporter. Have fun, stay warm, celebrate.

Good luck to Anna and Alinghi who, in 4 hours time will be beginning the last series of races in this round of Extreme Sailing Series.


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