ImageA bit blurry but it is really windy and dark and the boat is rocking. However, it is Sunday evening and we are still on the boat. Yay! It’s a great feeling not to have the long drive home tonight. Get that tomorrow instead.

There are very few boats in the water in the marina at the moment and so we have a clear view of the bay beyond the marina wall. Last year, and probably in a couple of weeks time, a boat which seems to be as big as the Great Wall of China docked/will dock right next to us and they have to use these steps to get on board. I was wondering if I moved the steps along a couple of docks, whether the boat owners would figure it out or if they would just go in the dock where their steps were placed. Paul said I wasn’t allowed to try.

We walked around the boat yard this evening and it suddenly struck me that boat yards are rather sad places. Firstly, all the boats are in an unnatural state. Boats are meant to be in the water, not stood on land chocked up on pieces of wood. Secondly, there is so much hope and despair surrounding the boats in a boat yard. Some boats are cared for and looked after, old and new; others are so neglected for one reason or another. And thirdly, the forgotten boats are shunted away to the back corner and to just rot away. Just a little sad.

Wow! That was rather melancholic.

On a happier note, tomorrow I am going to visit a very good friend who is up in Toledo visiting her daughter who has just had a baby boy. Excited!

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you were all very successful in everything you did.

Happy Monday – a new beginning.


Never doubt yourself