Image After yesterday’s miserable weather, we woke to blue skies, fluffy white clouds and 20+mph of wind (which increased throughout the morning and early afternoon). The clouds also disappeared and left us with blue skies from horizon to horizon.

After a lazy morning (oops not sure if I should admit that; just couldn’t raise the energy to go to the box in Sandusky), we took the boat out on to Lake Erie for her shake down cruise. Everything worked OK, thank goodness. Given the strength of the wind, we had thought we would be the only boat out there, but nope, we were wrong. Albeit, there weren’t too many, but some brave fishermen were bobbing up and down at anchor. We got just past the LaFarge dock to the west of Marblehead and then decided to turn back.

On the way in, we heard over the radio a “securité securité’ from the Coastguard. Apparently a navigation mark was drifting to the north of Huron and asking mariners to keep a look out. Nowhere near us so we were OK. As it turns out, the call could be seen as a little bit of foreshadowing. We passed this Coastguard vessel on the way in towards the coal dock. He had two of the channel marks on board; I guess giving them the once over to make sure they were in good condition after surviving such a brutal winter. The marks must have been OK because next thing, the buoys were gone back in the water and he was onto the next one.

Congrats to everyone who took part in competitions today, running, Crossfit, etc. And good luck to everyone tomorrow, particularly in the Toledo Marathon.

Happy Sunday.


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