Image Walking past Walmart today the mall’s cop car was parked blocking the pedestrian walkway. 15 minutes later, when I came back, he was still parked in the pedestrian walkway. All the pedestrians were having to walk out into the road around the car. Maybe they have a special dispensation, but please will someone tell me why, if a ‘Joe Public’ had parked there for more than 15 minutes, he would be towed, and the mall cop didn’t get towed? There is a perfectly good parking lot on the other side of the roadway which the cop could have used. I am all about police presence but really, go block the road, not the pedestrian bit. I saw mothers with strollers having to walk out in the roadway.

And it’s the same when road construction crews put up signs indicating roadworks. They quite willingly block the sidewalk with their sign and I often wonder what would happen if someone in a wheelchair came by. How would that person get by? He/She would have to go in the road!!!!!

Enough. Am waiting for the CrossFit Games Masters’ “Regional” WODs to be announced. Good luck to everyone who qualified for this next round.

I hope the sun shone on you today. Let it warm your face and your heart. Then share that warmth. Give a hug.


Never doubt yourself