Image I am posting this pic again in honor of those who ran last year and finished, those who ran and didn’t finish and those who supported and never went home. Boston Marathon is an amazingly emotional event normally. I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like next Monday. I do wish good luck and safe running to everyone who will be involved next week, over the weekend, through registration, practice runs, driving the course, walking the Freedom Trail, walking down the Charles River and just totally soaking it all in. And especially good luck to Carrie; you will be amazing (as always).

Also, … it was tax day.

And it started off quite warm and then it rained and the temperature dropped. And then dropped some more and the rain turned to snow. And then the temperature dropped some more and the wind kicked up. And now we have wind chills in the teens. “Spring, Spring, where for art thou, Spring?” (Sorry. Shakespeare.)