… but the fifteenth of April. Tomorrow is the day all governments have you by the short and  ……, and you have to forfeit a huge chunk of your hard earned money.

Image Unless, of course, you earn millions of dollars and can afford a really good tax lawyer who can work it that you keep about 90% of your money, paying less tax than those who earn mere thousands of dollars. Oh! Did I just say that? Wash my mouth out with soap.

Tonight, if you are awake around 2am, you will be able to see (if there are no clouds) a lunar eclipse – the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun. And also Mars is at one of its closest points to the Earth tonight as well. The Moon, so scientists say, will appear a red/coppery color. Not sure if that is due to the presence of Mars, or just the shadow cast by the Earth. However, around here we, at the moment, it looks as though we almost 100% cloud cover so that’s not going to happen.

And glowing roads. Really?


And the weather forecast displayed on the road too, to warn drivers of what they are driving into.


http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-27021291 Apparently scientists in the Netherlands have developed a pain that absorbs energy during the day and slowly releases said energy through special paint to make it glow in the dark. The idea is offered as an alternative to street lights or to light roads where street lights are not installed.

Not sure if I like this idea. “How did you get home tonight, dear?” “Oh, I followed the little green line.” However, I am sure I will be proven wrong. And images of snowflakes on the road. Distracted drivers, maybe. Anyway, seems as though they are serious so we will see what happens.

Be kind to the post office counter personnel tomorrow. They will be fairly stressed out and if you get annoyed with them, they will slow down just to annoy you even more.


Never doubt yourself