Image … for the rest of the year I would be quite content. We had a wonderful lazy day. (The construction for the new Hulton Bridge from the river.)

After getting the boat out of the garage and hooking it up to the car, we drove down to the ramp at Sharpsburg but it was closed. The Army Corp of Engineers (I assume) are re-laying the concrete. It’s probably a good thing because by the end of last year, the hole off the end of the ramp was so deep that trailers’ wheels would disappear down the hole and the axle would be below the end of the ramp which made boat recovery rather tricky.

Image  (A lot of wind against current.)

So we drove up to Harmar and launched off the ramp there. The pontoon isn’t out yet, but the water level is so high, I could use the short concrete plinth to climb in and out of the boat without having to wade too deep. We cruised down river to Allegheny River Lock 2 but didn’t go through. We checked out all the boats that were launched and moored on the river. We did pass a couple of kayakers who seemed to be having fun.

We were quite surprised that it was actually so warm on the water. Usually, this early in the year, there are pockets of really icy air over the water but today we didn’t feel any. Shirtless and shorts all the way. Well, that was after I took off my foul weather gear and my thermal sweater.  Hey, I like to be prepared. Easier to take it off than not have it to put on.

After the boat was all tucked away again, we went over to Anna’s and Brad’s and were thoroughly entertained by their dog, Sarah’s dog, Titus, and Mo’s dog, Daisy.


And it got even sillier when Brad filled the paddling pool. Achilles didn’t actually pluck up enough courage to take the plunge but Titus and Daisy loved it. And then Daisy spoiled it by peeing in the pool. But that was easily sorted. And the dogs didn’t really seem to mind.



Paul has just told me that there is a possibility of snow on Tuesday night/Wednesday. WHAT?!!!!  NO!!!!  Crazy weather.

On a count down for Easter. And the Masters’ Regionals. I think I may be even just a little apprehensive about this. But no expectations.

Haven’t checked the news; don’t know if they are any closer to finding the missing airplane.

Enjoy Monday.


Never doubt yourself