Image Today was such a beautiful day that I opened some windows in the house. Then the wind blew and this happened. Oh well. At least it didn’t rain.

I don’t often have pearls of wisdom but this morning I woke up with the following thought on my mind: “If you find yourself in a “I can’t” situation, breathe a deep breath, collect your wits and tell yourself, “I can”. I used my own advice a few times this morning. And it also brought to mind Christina, completing 14.5 CrossFit Open a couple of weeks ago at CrossFit Mt Lebanon. She refused to say “I can’t” and eventually finished in 1hr 18mins. It took the top athletes around 9 minutes. Please don’t be offended, Christina, I mean all this as a huge compliment. Christina is quite petite and she was having to lift weights that weighed nearly as much as her.  Image

And my brother, who has been in a wheelchair all his life, he now does CrossFit because he knows he can. Of all the people who survived the Boston bombing last year, many of them will be back this year because they know they can. And Carrie, who will be running Boston for the first time, she knows she can too. Good luck Carrie.

It’s a good mantra to have. Rather than “I think I can” (The Little Engine That Could) Image try Image


Let’s face, last Monday we all knew we could make it to Friday.


Never doubt yourself