The news was full today of the stabbing rampage undertaken by a 16yr old student at Franklin HS in Murrysville, PA. Over 20 people were injured; fortunately so far no-one has died from their injuries. An observation was made that so many were injured because there was no unusual noise – gunfire – the screams were taken as a normal part of the early HS day. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all affected.



I lifted this picture from Facebook posted by Dr Vonda Wright. (She fixed my hip several years ago and kept me moving.) She was on her way to speak to the powers-that-be, to express her opinion that treating obesity with just medication is only part of the solution. Treatment needs to be a total body and mind overhaul. I wonder who are this strong majority of Americans who feel that obesity medications should be covered by medicare. I wasn’t asked. Were you? Where does the AMA gets its funding? I wonder if it is the drug companies. I am not being cynical; I am being realistic. People need to take responsibility for their actions. I am not saying that obese people should be denied the drugs; I am saying that they also need to commit to and be accountable for a change in diet, life style, more exercise, and take an active role in their treatment and recovery. If obesity is a disease, it can be recovered from.

To finish with, I had to have a warm and fuzzy. And this is it. Probably since the first baby was born, mothers have known that the best comfort is a hug. “… The nurses said that the cuddles have an immediate impact for these infants. It can even be measured. Their blood oxygenation starts to climb, meaning the baby is relaxed and is breathing deeper. …”


Finish your day by giving someone a hug. It will make that person feel better and probably you too.


Never doubt yourself