Image Mars alternates between good and bad years for viewing in our sky, and 2014 is a good year! Why? Because Earth will fly between the sun and Mars onApril 8, 2014  I have just tried to find Mars in the sky here but I am either too early or too late. I don’t think it is cloudy.

A couple of other things today.

Firstly the outcry by some narrow minded people against the parents of the 1 yr old girl who became ill and how dare they set off on an adventure around the world on a sailboat with children so young and small. Really?! Out of principle I haven’t read the reports one way or the other. I would hope that the parents did all the necessary preparation to keep their family safe and planned for every foreseeable occurrence and emergency. It’s the unforeseeable that will get you every time. And the cost of the rescue; let me see, the Navy would probably have run practice drills of the type of rescue they carried out and no-one would have been saved. In this situation, the participants all got real live experience when putting their skills into practice. I could go on, but I won’t.

And then there is the recall of cars by Mazda because of the yellow sac spider infestations. I can’t imagine having a car crawling with spiders. OMG. But the thing that grated this evening (however I can’t find a link anywhere) was that one of the reports on the TV referred to the spiders as insects. Seriously? Everyone, well apparently not everyone, knows that spiders are arachnids. They have 8 legs.

A bit of good news on which to finish: “Paralysed men move again with spinal stimulation”

The count is getting less to the weekend.


Never doubt yourself

I still can’t see Mars. Boo.