Peeing has nothing todo with my first comments today, except for the fact that I usually have to sometime during a run. ImageThe report that goes with this picture is what I have been planning on ever since I got hooked on running. “How running ‘may preserve thinking skills'”. I am hoping that my thinking skills are going to be very well preserved. All I have to do now, is to get back to running.

Went for an MRI on my right foot today. Have been battling foot pain since before Christmas, to the point where I really can’t run successfully. Bit of a bummer really. Hopefully will get the results early next week and then we’ll see exactly what I have done to it.

And the other ‘myth’ and one that I have never really bought into – drinking coffee and tea makes you pee more. Apparently, according to the report, up until recently the only accepted study on whether coffee/tea/caffeine act as a diuretic. Although the most recent study was financed by Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, and they say they did not influence the study, research or conclusions, it concluded that if you drink coffee and/or tea on a regular basis, it has little effect on your urine output. It would be comparable to water consumption.

All very interesting.

A storm is blowing through at the moment. The sun is still out somewhere and causing some really cool light patterns and a rainbow. Image The wind gusts are pretty impressive, somewhere in excess of 50mph or so the weather forecasters are saying. Hang on to your hats.

As a follow on from yesterday’s blog, today at the box, I set myself some little goals to try to dissipate my blue cloud. I think they will work because I already made progress so got all excited about that.

It has been an exhausting week so I think I will take two days off; going to the boat tomorrow to continuing polishing. Haha.

Have a wonderful Saturday. Be safe tonight.


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