“A certain percentage of CrossFitters will surely experience some kind of blues in the next couple of weeks. They may question why they ever cared about the Open in the first place, and they may struggle to find a reason to continue training at the level to which they are accustomed.” http://www.tabatatimes.com/post-open-blues-time-for-some-good-old-fashioned-introspection/2/


This doesn’t only hold true for CrossFit. I have suffered from after-event depression. Paul, Anna and David will vouch for this. I become a real ‘bear with a sore arse’ never mind monkey butt. From my point of view, I think it is that I have worked so hard towards my goal, followed a routine, been fairly strict about my diet, disciplined myself to go out even when the weather was at its least inviting. And then it’s over. Gone. And that feeling of “now what do I do” is overwhelming.

The article that I have linked above has some pretty good ideas of how to overcome this ‘blue cloud’ feeling. In the past, I have always tried to have a smaller event scheduled 3-4 weeks after my big event so I still had a reason to run and that time period of still training but not quite so intensely allowed me to begin planning my next big event.

However, after last  year’s 2 half ironmans, I decided I needed a complete change (which is one of the suggestions in the article) and I took up CrossFit. So different and such a novice, it was a whole new challenge. One which I have embraced quite well, I think.

A couple of other ways I use which were also suggested (I should have written the damned article) are:

1. eat cake Image Actually, not sure if this one was suggested.


2. have a support system of friends and family ImageImage


Friday tomorrow. Time to chill.


Never doubt yourself