Image How many times have I thought of doing something similar? I actually get quite excited when I do remember my passwords. It’s the little things – the icing on the cake.

So the Opens are officially over. The judges have until 8pm EDT Wednesday, tomorrow, to verify the scores, but these were mine at the end of today. I don’t expect them to change much, if at all. I might drop a few more places but should still be in the top 200 on the world roster.




Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone at CrossFit Mt Lebanon for a fantastic 5 weeks – the 5 weeks of the Opens. My first Opens. It was all that I imagined and then some. Competing alongside, judging, cheering on and receiving support from my fellow athletes was just incredible. And thanks also to the coaches for strategizing for me and offering tips to enable me to be more efficient.

We were encouraged to sign up and complete the WODs to use as a benchmark for next year’s progress. I have a very long list of movements and skills on which I have to improve; well actually learn first. But it’s all good.

I have to say, I was totally surprised by my results and will also be the first to admit, I have a long way to go to be able to make it into the higher echelons of my age group. Because I have scored in the top 200, I am invited to take part in the next round – 4 WODS over 4 days (Easter weekend). The scores will be calculated using my score from the Opens plus my scores from the extra 4 WODs. (I think it must be positions.) Mathematically there is no way I will qualify for the Games but it will give me a target for next year. And I will definitely be able to add to my to-learn-how-to-do list. I see hand stand push ups in there somewhere and I know I can’t do them. However, I do have 16 days to practice. Haha.

Ok, I think this is a little tasteless. NBC is promoting the hatching of 3 bald eagles and next to the report is an advert for something to erase wrinkles; it looks remarkably like broken eggs.

ImageAnd I took exception to the closing of this report on the NBC nightly news between 6:30-7:00pm. The commentator said, “… and if they [the eagles and babies] can survive in Pittsburgh, well, you know the rest.”

I am a transplant into Pittsburgh and I quite like it here. So pooh to the reporter.

Hope nobody got too fooled today. (That’s a lot of ooooo’s.)


Never doubt yourself