Paul had the day off work so we had a practice day for his retirement. We got to the box this morning in time to cheer on one of our own, Steve L. Despite being sick all weekend, he gave his all to 14.5. Then we did our strength programme, hung out for a while, did the WOD, cheered on Jen L, and hung out for a while longer. Paul has finally become a gym rat.



On the way home, with the Pirates home opener this afternoon, the traffic was building towards making the city roads a parking lot. Fortunately we were reverse-commuting.



We had thought about taking out Ab Fab on the river today; the weather would have been perfect. However, we are both still recovering from Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s workouts so we ended up painting the garage instead. It is one of those jobs that has needed doing for ages but never got done because we would go boating instead.

And finally Monkey Butt.  I mention this only because we did V-Ups today and needless to say, I ……. Yep. And then Paul sent me this picture to go with the article.


Well done Bucs.


Never doubt yourself