Image Yep, that about sums it up. Not acute pain, just every time I move. And it hasn’t been helped by polishing the boat.

However, that is a job that we habitually put off ‘forever’ but we did get it finished today, despite Paul falling off the plank (3’6″ off the ground). Fortunately he didn’t break anything; just got a really nasty bruise on his arm. He was very quiet about it. I heard the plank clatter once and decided, because I didn’t hear any swearing or cursing, he was moving the trestles. The second time I heard the plank crash to the ground, I still didn’t hear him but I decided to look anyway and there he was picking himself off the ground. I have to say I was impressed with his restraint.

Paul had a little ‘scare’ this weekend. His umbilical cord to his iPad was cut. He lost it yesterday. Good news – it has been found. But it got me thinking. How much personal information do people store in their electronic devices? How many people have all their passwords to everything personal, different accounts etc stored on their smart phones, iPads … even if the passwords are stored in a locked App and the device is password protected. I feel pretty sure that someone out there would be able to ‘break in’ and retrieve the data. And now this: “Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes, say opticians”

Finally, when the gnome says, “Go smell the roses”, that is just one of the 1 trillion things we humans can smell: “Nose can detect one trillion odors”

Hope you had a great weekend. Congrats on finishing the 2014 CrossFit Opens if you did them. Go Pirates tomorrow in their season home opener. Last day of March tomorrow – one quarter of the way through the year.


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